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Carving Chisels Set

Size 6pceFish-tail chisels for small carving projects or detail work on large projects. Includes 5mm skew, 5 and 12mm straight, 8mm vee, and 8 and 10mm gougers. Learn More

Wood Chisels Set 5pc

Size 5pce Forged, 1-piece, bevel-edged chisels. Hardened and tempered, sharpened and honed, ready to use. Comfortable polypropylene handles. Sizes 6, 13, 19, 25 and 32mm. Supplied with blade guards. Learn More

Precision Wood Carvi

Size 200mmCarbon steel chisels for precise and detailed carving in wood. Includes 6 and 14mm straight, 12mm vee, 8mm curved, 4 gougers and 4 different profile parting tools. Includes storage pouch. Learn More

Corner Chisel

Size 70mm Tungsten steel chisel held in a spring-loaded, steel-bodied jig. For knocking out rounded corners from a routed hinge recess. Hit once with a hammer or mallet and pare out waste. Learn More

Wood Chisel

Size 6mm 13mm 19mm 25mm 32mm Hardened steel, bevel-edged blades. Forged in one piece for strength. Polypropylene handle. Supplied with blade guard. Learn More

Expert Wood Chisel

Size 13mm 19mm 25mm 32mm 38mm Strong, hardened steel, bevel-edged blade with 2-piece handle. Steel cap can be struck by mallet or hammer. Supplied with blade guard. Learn More

Tree-Pruning Harness

Reference Number1002927Product TypeFall ProtectionRangeHarnessBrandMiller by HoneywellIndustryGreen SpacesProduct Use2-point Tree-pruning full body harness - with positioning belt and seat Learn More

Elastotrans Harness

Reference Number1003029Product TypeFall ProtectionRangeHarnessBrandMiller by HoneywellIndustryTelecomsUtilitiesProduct Use4-point harness with work positioning belt and leg strapsFull Body Harness Learn More

IBX2R Full Body Harn

Reference Number1007386Product TypeFall ProtectionRangeHarnessBrandMiller by HoneywellIndustryArmy - DefenceHomeland defenseProduct Use4-point full body harness with work-positioning belt and padded Learn More

Black RAM sit harnes

Reference Number1010251Product TypeFall ProtectionRangeHarnessBrandMiller by HoneywellIndustryArmy - DefenceFire Protection brigadesHomeland defense Product UseThe easy to fit lightweight Learn More

Work postioning lany

Reference Number1002878Product TypeFall ProtectionRangeWork Positioning LanyardBrandMiller by HoneywellIndustryIndustryBuilding and Construction Product UseIdeal for those who have to work at Learn More

Split tails

Reference Number1003429Product TypeFall ProtectionRangeRope and Wire Fall ArrestersBrandMiller by HoneywellIndustryGreen SpacesProduct UseThis tail is suitable for Prussik, Swabish and Valdotain Learn More


Items 1 to 12 of 904 total

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