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Brass Padlock

Size  20mm 30mm 40mm 50mm 60mmSolid brass body and multi-pin tumbler mechanism. Chrome-plated, hardened steel shackle. Includes 3 brass keys. Learn More

10pk Socket Safety C

Pack of 24 Set of plastic socket covers made from hard plastic. Learn More

Magnetic Door &

Pack of 20Emits piercing alarm when magnetic connection between the two parts is interrupted. Suitable for use on all doors and windows. No fixings needed. Supplied with 3 x 1.5V button cell Learn More

Cable Lock with Brac

Pack of 24Lightweight cable lock for securing bicycles and other valuable items around the home and garden. 1000 x 6mm. Learn More

Combination Padlock

Size 3-digit  4-digit Solid brass body and steel shackle. Size (W x H x Th): 744867: 28 x 41 x 12mm; 360848: 29 x 49 x 12mm. Horizontal shackle clearance: 13mm. Vertical shackle clearance: 26mm. Learn More

Brass Padlock Long S

Size 40mm 50mm Solid brass body with chrome-plated, hardened steel shackle and multi-pin tumbler mechanism. Includes 3 brass keys. Learn More

Iron Padlock

Size 38mm 50mm 62mmIron body with brass cylinder. Hardened steel shackle. Multi-pin tumbler mechanism. Includes 3 steel keys.. Learn More

Laminated Padlock

Size 40mm 50mm 65mm Laminated steel body with protective bumper. Hardened steel and chrome-plated shackle. Double locking. Includes 3 steel keys. Learn More

Close Shackle Padloc

Size 50mm 61mm Fully plastic armoured padlock over aluminium body. Brass locking mechanism. Removable double-locking shackle. Deep shoulders to maximise security. For locking bars. Key cover plate. Learn More

Cable Lock

Size 330mm Steel padlock wrapped in rough, protective vinyl. Steel cable for flexible locking positions and brass cylinder. Includes 2 keys. Learn More

Hasp & Staple He

Size 30 x 90mm 38 x 140mm 40 x 115mm 50 x 180mm Hardened steel plate with concealed fixing. Rust proof hammer finish. Includes mounting screws. Learn More

Sleeved High Securit

Size 600mm 900mm 1200mmHigh specification links produced from 10mm thick hardened steel. Large internal link size (16mm x 50mm) for use with large shackles. Compatible with Armoured padlock 633702 Learn More


Items 1 to 12 of 43 total

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