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Impact Driver &

Size 170mm Fully reversible action (clockwise/anti-clockwise). Complete with 4 bits (2 x slotted, 2 x crosshead) in a metal storage case. Learn More

Spark Plug Gap Tool

Size 0.5 - 2.55mm / 0.02 - 0.1" Coin-type tool with flanged hole to adjust the side wire without damaging the centre element and outer rim to measure the electrode gap. Metric 0.5 - 2.55mm, imperial Learn More

Oil Filter Wrench 3-

Size 60 - 110mm Tough, heat-treated carbon steel for high torque application. Rubber-coated feet for improved grip. Electro-plated for corrosion resistance. Self-tightening mechanism grips filters Learn More

Rubber Strap Wrenche

Size 500 & 600mmSoft, non-slip rubber grips. For loosening or tightening oil filters, PVC pipes, opening jars and hose fittings. Non-marking strap will not damage fine finishes. Learn More

Oil Filter Chain Wre

Size 150mmOne-piece forged alloy tool steel handle and jaw. Features double-jaw design giving fast ratchet like action in either direction. Ideal for close-quarter work. Learn More

Oil Filter Wrench

Size  57 - 65mm  63 - 88mm Strong, steel band with corrosion-resistant coating. Durable, PVC-dipped, multi-position handle. For accessing restricted areas in engines, and gripping Learn More

Anti-Freeze Tester

Size -7°C to -37°C Disc-type tester with plastic body and rubber bulb. Freeze protection level indicated by 6 x floating coloured discs. Easy-to-read temperature table. For determining levels Learn More

Pick & Hook Set

Size 140mmContains straight pick, 90° pick, full hook and angled hook. Chrome-plated shafts and hard-grip handles. Useful tools for carpenters, mechanics and engineers. Learn More

Scraper & Remove

Size 5pceSteel shafts and plastic handles. Includes 2 x multipurpose scrapers 210mm and 275mm, scratch awl 200mm, pin puller 225mm and radiator hose remover 175mm. Learn More

Roller - type stud e

Material: chrome vanadium surface finish: chrome plated according to EN12540 polished Advantages: roller system grips on to stud, in both directions easy extraction of studs Usage: 1. Position Learn More

Spark Plug Wrench

Size  16mm 21mm Spring-loaded swivel head spark plug wrench. Chrome-plated, hardened steel with rubber insert to retain plug. T-handle enables speedy removal. Learn More

Exhaust Pipe Cutter

Size 35 - 64mm Zinc-plated carbon steel frame with 4 x hardened steel cutting blades. Suitable for cutting thin wall tubing up to 3mm. 120° handle movement produces a 360° cutting action. Learn More


Items 1 to 12 of 22 total

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