Tiling Tools


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Tile Spacers 1000pk

Size 1.5mm 2mm 3mmEnsures uniform gaps between tiles. Can be grouted over. 1.5mm for 4" tiles, 2mm for 6" tiles and 3mm for floor tiles. Learn More

Steel Profile Gauge

Size 150mm Fine steel pins for accurate copying and reproduction of irregular shaped profiles. Multiple uses, including woodworking, carpet fitting and floor laying. Max profile depth 45mm. Max Learn More

China Markers 2pk

Size 180mm For writing on china, glass, metal, plastics, rubber and smooth, non-porous and porous surfaces. Learn More

Grout Rake

Size 200mm Tungsten carbide grit-coated blade. Removes grout from between tiles before regrouting. Includes a spare blade. Learn More

Grout Bag

Size 300 x 600mmPoly-lined grout bag with moulded jointing tip. Tip size can be modified by cutting to the required size. Ideal for all grouting and pointing applications. Learn More

Grouting Sponge

Size 185 x 125 x 50mmDual-purpose specialist tiling and grouting sponge used for applying grout and final polishing of tiles. Learn More

Rubber Grout Float

Size 150 x 50mmRubber grout float with 2 rounded corners to prevent gouging of grout joint and 2 square corners to allow complete grout coverage in corners. Learn More

Epoxy Grout Float

Size 237 x 100mm Dense green rubber pad for application of 100% and modified epoxy. Can be used for both grouting and cleaning tiles. Learn More

Blue Grout Float

Size 230 x 100mm Grout float with 23mm EVA cushion and 5mm blue rubber base with bevelled edges and rounded front corners. Learn More

White Grout Float

Size 305 x 100mmGrout float with 15mm EVA cushion and 3mm white rubber base. Bevelled edges and rounded front corners for even spreading. Learn More

Diamond Feather Edge

Size 85mmBlade For shaping or removing stock from materials including plastics, fibreglass, plaster, laminates, non-ferrous metals, wood and tiles. Wooden handle. Learn More

Abrasive Tile Cleani

Size 250 x 110 x 18mm For cleaning residual dried on grout from tiles. Can also be used for general cleaning. Learn More


Items 1 to 12 of 15 total

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