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Aluminium Shovel

Size 1030mmAluminium, square-mouthed shovel with durable wooden shaft and PYD handle. Dual-riveted head and handle. Weight 1.15kg. Learn More

Muck Fork Wood Handl

Size 1300mmHeavy duty muck fork with long hardwood handle and 4-pronged forged steel head. Learn More

Muck Fork MYD Handle

Size 1100mm Forged, 4-prong, heavy duty muck fork with MYD hardwood handle. Learn More

Hay Fork

Size 1600mm Heavy duty hay fork with hardwood handle and 2-pronged forged steel head. Learn More

Heavy Duty Slasher

Size 1480mm Steel head with hardwood handle. Learn More

Root Cutter

Size 1030mm Heavy duty root cutter with steel blade and hardwood handle. Compact 75mm cutting edge provides access in restricted areas. Wide dia handle with rounded end for grip and comfort. Cuts Learn More

Weed Slasher

Size 800mmSteel head and wood handle. For clearing weeds and long grass. Learn More

Machete & Sheath

Size 400mmStraight steel blade machete with wooden handle. Includes nylon sheath and belt loop. Learn More

Weed Hook

Size 500mmSerrated steel blade with hardwood handle. For use on tough weeds. Learn More


9 Item(s)