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Post Driver

Size 670 x 170mm Tubular steel rammer for driving wooden posts deep into the ground. Can be used on either square or round posts. 670mm long, 350mm dia including handles with 170mm dia tube. Learn More

Fencing Maul

Size 10lbForged steel large faced head with durable 900mm fibreglass shaft and soft non-slip rubber grip. Suitable for working on wood only. Learn More

Crossover Post Hole

Size 1730mmHardened and tempered carbon steel blades and steel tube handles. Long handles for greater depth. For digging deep narrow holes. Learn More

Post Hole Digger

Size 1560mm Hardened steel blade with hardwood handle. For digging fence post holes. Quick and easy removal of soil. Produces deep narrow vertical side holes, requiring less concrete to fill. Learn More

Post Hole Auger

Size 127mmdia Steel corkscrew blade with tubular steel handle. For drilling 127mm (5") dia holes. Earth is removed by rotation of steel corkscrew blade. Auger has smaller locating screw for easy hole Learn More

Fencing Pliers

Size 270mm Heavy duty and versatile, with tough hardened steel head and comfortable soft-grip handles. Use for nailing staples and twisting, pulling, cutting and gripping wire. Learn More


6 Item(s)