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Hand Squeegee

Size 250mmDual-purpose squeegee with rubber blade and sponge washer. Learn More

Window Squeegee

Size 300mm Window-cleaning squeegee with durable 300mm rubber blade. Compatible with Silverline Extension Poles 250175 and 250182. Learn More

Floor Squeegee

Size 450mm Steel with EVA foam. Screw and nut adjustment for handle. Moulds to uneven floor surfaces for a dry finish. Learn More

Rubber Squeegee

Size 660mmDual foam rubber blades, rivet fixed to a steel channel for durability. Learn More

Window Scrubber Fram

Size 350mm Robust plastic frame. Includes fleece with elastic loop, and hook and loop closure for secure attachment. Learn More

Squeegee Display Box

Pack of 24 Ideal for control and removal of liquids on flat surfaces, particularly useful for window cleaning. 250mm. Learn More


6 Item(s)