Wrecking Bars


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Samson Crowbar

Size 450mm 600mm 750mmForged high carbon steel, hardened and tempered. Powerful lever action from unique head design. Learn More

Wrecking Bar

Size 300mm 450mm 600mm 760mm 900mmForged and ground from hexagonal stock for optimum strength and durability. Claw and chisel ends. Learn More

Flat Pry Bar

Size 300mm 450mm Hardened carbon steel. Nail puller with chisel ends. Learn More

Wide Blade Pry Bar

Size 250mm Solid forged, hardened and tempered. Wide thin blade for removing skirting, coving and dado rails. Nail puller at both ends for removing embedded nails and screws. Learn More

Pry Bar Set 5pce

Size 5pce Drop-forged, fully hardened and heat-treated to withstand rigorous use. Strong plastic handles. Set comprises of 4 x heavy duty pry bars and 1 x roll bar. Lengths: 200, 300, 450 and 600mm. Learn More

Aligning Bar

Size 450 x 16mm 900 x 20mmManufactured from hex stock steel. For use in automotive, engineering and scaffolding industries. Chisel and point ends. Learn More

Chisel & Point B

Size 1500 x 30mm 1500mmhardened steel bar. 1 x chisel and 1 x pointed end. 30mm dia. Learn More

Crowbar Display Box

Pack of 12 600mm long with 12mm bar. Learn More


8 Item(s)