Magnifying Glasses


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Heavy Duty Helping H

Size 90mm 3x Versatile hobby tool for securing objects when soldering or for jobs that require precision. Leaves hands free. Includes 2 heavy duty crock clips, soldering iron holder, plus weighted Learn More

Eyeglass Magnifier

Size 5x 22mm dia eyeglass, 5x magnification. Hands free use, ideal for fine work. Learn More

Magnifying Glass

Size 100mm 3x Precision lens magnifies objects 3x with minimal distortion. 95mm handle. Learn More

Helping Hands

Size 63mm 2.5x Versatile device for holding work in a fixed position during assembly, soldering or painting. For model making, electronics and crafts. Includes 2 fully adjustable arms with croc clips Learn More

Illuminated 4.5x Mag

Size 4.5x Pocket-sized reading aid with built-in light provides illumination wherever needed. 4.5x magnification, 42 x 45mm lens with light. Requires 2 x AA batteries. Learn More

Magnifying Glass Dis

Pack of 32Magnifies objects at 5x with minimal distortion. 60mm. Learn More

Magnifying Glass wit

Size 25mm 4x Compact magnifier with integral stainless steel tweezers. 25mm dia polished lens, 4x magnification. Tweezers length: 57mm; Overall length: 130mm. Ideal for detailed, intricate work. Learn More

Magnifying Glass

Size 75mm 5x 75mm dia precision lens magnifies objects 5x with minimal distortion. 95mm handle. Learn More


8 Item(s)