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100mm Mini Roller Sl

Size  Gloss   Emulsion Woven mini roller sleeves suitable for use with emulsion or gloss. Applies smooth, even finish. Ideal for small, detailed tasks. Fits most 100mm roller frames. Learn More

Synthetic Brush Set

Size 3pce Solid round filaments tapering from base to tip. For use with emulsion, oil-based coatings, varnish, woodstain and lacquer. Sizes 25, 38 and 50mm. Learn More

Synthetic Paint Brus

Size  12mm 19mm  25mm  38mm  50mm  65mm  75mm 100mm  Solid round filaments tapering from base to tip. Suitable for use with emulsion and oil-based Learn More

Block Brush

Size 115mm WidthPlastic-handled block brush with excellent paint-holding capacity and a handy paint pot clip. Learn More

Point Sash Oil Brush

Size 190mm Pointed sash brush for use on oil and solvent-based coatings. 190mm long wooden handle. Learn More

Mixed Tip Brush Set

Size 12pce Pure bristle with natural wooden handles. For finishing work, painting and priming. Tip sizes from 2 - 12mm. Learn More

Paint Shield

Size 450mmDurable plastic with large, easy-to-read metric graduations on one face. Creates a neat line when painting. Protects glass, wallpaper and tiles. Masks 45° and 90° angles and Learn More

Mixing Sticks 3pk

Size 280mm Lightweight plastic mixing sticks, for mixing paint, plaster and other coatings. Length 280mm. Learn More

Emulsion & Paste

Size 125mm Width Long thick pure bristles for applying wallpaper paste and emulsion paint. Learn More

Masonry Brush

Size 150mm Width Hard-wearing, medium stiff bristles. Ideal for exterior masonry paints. Learn More

Pile Roller & Tr

Pack of 12 228mm (9") paint tray with pile roller for applying paint consistently over large areas. 228mm. Learn More

Foam Roller & Tr

Pack of 12Foam roller and hard-wearing, black plastic tray for general decorating tasks around the home. 230mm. Learn More


Items 1 to 12 of 72 total

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