Hickory Shaft


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Hickory Claw Hammer

Size 8oz 16oz 20oz Hardened forged steel head and hickory shaft. For driving and removing nails in wood. Learn More

Hickory Ball Pein Ha

Size 4oz 8oz 16oz 24oz 32oz 40ozHardened forged steel head and hickory shaft. For striking punches. Ball end for sheet metalwork. Learn More

Hickory Lump Hammer

Size 2.5lb 4lbHardened forged steel head. For light demolition work, driving masonry nails and using with metal chisel for splitting masonry. Learn More

Hickory Sledge Hamme

Size 7lb 10lb 14lb Hardened forged steel head, double steel and wood wedged system, hickory shaft and precision laser-cut zig-zag grip. Learn More

Hickory Felling Axe

Size 4.5lb 6lb Drop-forged carbon steel head, heat treated, ground and polished cutting edge. Extra long hickory handle. Learn More

Hickory Log Splittin

Size 6lb Forged carbon steel head, heat treated and ground with polished cutting edge. Close-grained shock absorbing hickory handle. Learn More


6 Item(s)