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Black Rubber Mallet

Size 16oz 24oz 32ozSolid rubber head and hardwood shaft. Learn More

White Rubber Mallet

Size 16oz 24oz 32oz Hardwood shaft with semi-hard white rubber head. Will not mark or discolour surfaces. Learn More

Wooden Mallet

Size 310mmDurable hardwood mallet. 115mm face. Learn More

Dead Blow Hammer

Size 16oz 24oz 40oz Dead blow hammer with steel, shot-filled head, controlled striking without rebound. Corrosion-resistant coating and easy-grip handle. Learn More

Combination Rubber M

Size 16oz 24oz 32oz Tubular steel shaft with rubber head. Standard black face for general work and semi-hard white face that will not mark or discolour surfaces. Learn More

Paving Maul

Size 15lbHardened rubber head, for concrete kerbs, flagstones and brick pavior installation, resilient and hardwearing. Learn More

4-in-1 Multi-Head Ha

Size 300mm Fibreglass shaft with 4 interchangeable heads. Includes 3 x plastic anti-marking heads: white (soft), red (medium) and green (hard). Also includes 1 x metal head. Learn More


7 Item(s)