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Trimming Knife Displ

Size 12pceFixed blade trimming knives with belt holsters. Ergonomically designed handle. Quick-release mechanism for easy blade-change. Blade locking feature. Blade storage in knife. Learn More

Expert Fixed Blade K

Size 150mmZinc alloy body with soft-grip rubber overhousing. Magnetic blade retention and storage, and tool-free access. Includes 3 blades. Learn More

Fixed Blade Knife

Size 140mm Fixed-blade knife with aluminium alloy body and on-board blade storage. SK5 steel blade. Interlock nose for blade security. Learn More

Film Slitter

Size 150mm Film slitter for cutting strapping and opening boxes safely without damaging user or contents. Length 150mm. Includes 2 blades. Learn More

Lino Knife

Size 70mm Carbon steel 70mm curved blade with sharp tip. Soft-grip plastic handle. Includes tip protector. For precise incision into linoleum and similar materials. Learn More


5 Item(s)