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Centre Finder

Size 200mm Capacity Strong transparent plastic. Quick, simple method to determine the centre of round or square stock up to 200mm (8") dia and hexagonal stock up to 146mm (5-3/4") dia. Learn More

Screw Pitch Gauge Me

Size 0.4 - 6mmUsed to determine internal and external thread forms. Blades clearly marked with thread sizes from 0.4 - 6mm. 20 leaves. Learn More

Screw Pitch Gauge Co

Size 0.25 - 6mm / 4 - 62BSW Accurately measures internal and external threads. 52 leaves: 4 - 62BSW and 0.25mm - 6mm. Learn More

Feeler Gauge

Size 13 Leaves (0.05 – 1.0mm)  26 Leaves (0.051 - 0.635mm)Combination leaf feeler gauge accurately measures gaps between components. Hardened and polished carbon steel. Leaves clearly Learn More

Drill Gauge

Size 1/16 - 1/2"  1 - 13mm Tempered stainless steel gauge for measuring twist drills and other small items. Etched graduations. Learn More

Bore Gauge

Size 1 - 15mm 30-45mm Ground and tempered stainless steel gauge, dual-etched with metric and imperial graduations. Learn More

Telescopic Gauge Set

Size 8 - 150mmChrome-plated steel. Locking knurled handles and automatically self-centring plungers with constant spring tension for uniform contact pressure. Quick inside measuring of cylinder or Learn More

Universal Grinding G

Size 55º, 60º, 90º & 120º Stainless steel gauge marked with 55º, 60º, 90º and 120º angles. Etched, metric graduations. Learn More

Wire Gauge

Size 0 - 36 SWG Ground tempered stainless steel gauge with etched markings. Measures standard wire and sheet sizes. Learn More


9 Item(s)