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Junior Hacksaw Heavy

Size 150mmDie-cast aluminium frame, multi-positional blade, with ergonomic handle. Includes blade. Learn More

Junior Hacksaw

Size 150mm'I' beam construction with non-slip rubber grip. Blade can be adjusted to 0º, 60º, 120º, 180º, 240º and 300º. Low profile frame can reach confined areas. Learn More

Junior Hacksaw

Thick, powder-coated 6mm steel frame. Includes flexible fine-tooth blade. Learn More

Hacksaw High Tension

Cast aluminium handle with high-tension blade tightening mechanism. Carbon steel blade. Rubber-grip handle. Learn More

Hacksaw Heavy Duty

General purpose 300mm hacksaw with cast aluminium handle and square section steel frame. Simple wing nut blade tensioner. Learn More

Hacksaw Display Box

Pack of 12 Wing-nut blade tensioner and carbon steel blade. 300mm. Learn More

Hacksaw Close Quarte

Size 250 - 300mm Blade Die-cast aluminium soft-grip handle. Includes carbon steel blade. Uses conventional and broken blades. Learn More


7 Item(s)