Drain Cleaners


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Rubber Plunger Displ

Pack of 24Box of 24 Rubber Plungers for clearing basins and sinks. Learn More

Drain Cleaning Tool

Size 500mmPlastic, barbed drain-cleaning tool for cleaning hairs and general waste from bathroom and kitchen waste pipes. Avoids the need to use chemicals for waste removal. 500mm. Learn More

Wastepipe Cleaner

Size 6mm x 1.8m For clearing blocked waste pipes. 1800mm x 6mm dia. Corkscrew end and integrated handle. Learn More

Drain Cleaner

Size 10mSpring wire drain cleaner for clearing blocked waste pipes. Corkscrew probe and plastic handle. 10m x 9mm dia. Learn More

Blast Wastepipe Unbl

Size 370mmInjects a high pressure blast of water into the waste pipe removing blockages. Fits baths, sinks and shower waste. Length 370mm. Learn More

Sink Plunger

Size 140 x 22mm Rubber plunger with 22mm dia wooden handle. Learn More

Sink Plunger Large

Size 160mm Plastic sink plunger with large head for easy blockage removal. Head detaches for cleaning. Learn More

Drain Unblocker

Size 6m x 6mm dia Flexible rod for clearing drains. Rotating handle removes stubborn blockages. Ergonomic pistol grip. Learn More

Drain Blaster

Size 140mm High air pressure blast clears obstructions in sink, shower and bath drains. Ergonomic pistol grip. Pressure release safety valve. Includes 2 adaptors. Learn More


9 Item(s)