Gas Torches


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Multi-Purpose Propan

Size 25, 35 & 50mm Zinc-plated steel with heat insulated handle. For brazing, soft soldering, paint stripping, weed killing and pre-heating applications. Includes 2 sizes of jet nozzle for Learn More

Metalwork Torch Kit

Size 14, 22 & 25mmZinc-plated steel. For brazing, soft soldering, pre-heating, pipe fitting and general metal fitting. Contains gas torch with pilot feature, 18 and 22mm burners and 25mm pipe Learn More

Butane Blow Torch

Size 190gPiezoelectric ignition, flame-control button and high-quality brass burn tip. For use with standard 190g pierceable gas canister. Learn More

Roofing Gas Torch

Size 50mm Zinc-plated steel, long reach torch suitable for torch-down roofing, flat roofing repairs, road line burning and weed killing. Includes pilot feature and 50mm burner. Torch arm length Learn More

Long Arm Propane Tor

Size 60mmZinc-plated steel, general purpose gas torch with 60mm dia burner suitable for roofing, road line burning and weed killing. Torch arm length 700mm. Learn More

Gas Regulator

Size 0.5 - 4bar For use with propane gas. Use with Silverline torch kits. Max pressure 16bar. Max flow 6kg/h. Learn More

Gas Hose

Size 2mFor use with gas torches and regulators. Fitted brass 3/8" (10mm) female left-hand threads. Hose to EN3821:2010 (20Bar) 8mm. Learn More

Soldering & Braz

Size 10, 14 & 17mm Multipurpose torch kit suitable for brazing, soft soldering, paint stripping and pre-heating. 1800°C maximum temperature. 10mm(3/8") BSP connector. Variable control with Learn More

Plumbers Gas Torch

Size17, 22 & 40mm Gas torch with 3 burners; 17mm dia, 40mm flat and 22mm pipe. 1200°C maximum temperature. For brazing, soft soldering, paint stripping and pipe fitting. Knurled variable Learn More

Gas Bottle Spanner

Size 25mm 27mm Heavy-duty forged spanner for connecting regulators to gas bottles. Learn More


10 Item(s)