Pipe Deburrers


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Pipe Deburring Brush

Size 15mm 22mm 28mm Stiff steel bristles for cleaning inside copper fittings and socket formed joints on copper pipe prior to soldering. Learn More

Easy Pipe Cleaner

Size 15mm 22mm Pocket-sized lightweight handy pipe cleaner. Learn More

Universal Pipe Reame

Size 15 & 22mm Hard resin body and hardened steel blades. Double-ended with 3 blades for efficient cutting of internal and external chamfers on pipes. Max cutting capacity 40mm. Includes 15 and Learn More

Pipe Cleaner & D

Size 15 & 22mm Carbon steel brushes clean and debur 15mm and 22mm copper pipes on both internal and external diameters. Learn More

Deburring Tool

Size 240mmDurable plastic body with pocket clip. Rotating cutting blade for use on steel, copper, brass and plastic pipes. Length 240mm. Learn More


5 Item(s)