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Garnish Awl

Size 65mmGarnish awl used in the saddlery and upholstery trades, also for general hole enlargement and marking. Learn More

Twist Gimlet, Bradaw

Size 5pceIncludes 3, 4 and 5mm twist gimlet, 3mm bradawl and 3mm carpenters awl. Twist gimlets have T-handles. Learn More

Point Square Bradawl

Size 40mm Square, tapered blade made from blued hardened steel, with fine point and beech handle. For use on wood, leather or plastic. Blade length 40mm. Learn More

Chisel End Bradawl

Size 38mm Round bradawl with high carbon steel chisel end and beechwood handle. Learn More

Round Point Bradawl

Size 40mmCarbon steel round blade with tapered end to reduce timber splitting. Beechwood handle and brass ferrule. For hard and soft woods. Learn More


Size 40mm Hardened chrome vanadium steel. Learn More

Twist Gimlet

Size 70mmT-handle and high carbon steel blade. Twist-in tip and chip removing spiral. Learn More

Tack Lifter

Size 195mm Hardened chrome vanadium steel blade and soft-grip handle. Learn More


Size 12mm 90° Plastic handle with hardened steel 90° countersink. Hardened, chrome vanadium steel blade. For use with wood and plastic. Learn More


9 Item(s)