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Work Holding Starter

All you need to get started! The kit includes a universal base, 2 removable MagJig 150s with 150lb/68kg clamping force, and reversible featherboard attachment. All you need is a steel table or fence. Learn More

Vertical Featherboar

Offers added safety against kickback by holding the workpiece down vertically. Converts to horizontal hold. Supplied with risers for when the featherboard is used for horizontal stacking. Learn More

Resaw Guide Attachme

Low profile design for use when sawing timber into thin boards with a rotary or band saw. Features roller bearing support for firm, smooth gliding of the wood through the blade. Angled Learn More

Dual Roller Guide At

Attaches to the Universal Base and MagJigs. Features a dual set of roller-bearing support for firm, smooth gliding of wood through the blade. Micro adjustment allows fine tuning to 90°. Ideal for Learn More

Ultimate Thin Stock

Unique, low profile guide offering three tools in one. Mounts to the Universal Base and MagJigs. Features stepped side for most common sizes, and sloped side to suit any size of wood up to 25mm (1"). Learn More

Universal Track Atta

Universal track that allows the user to set up a fence in seconds. Accepts all standard mounting hardware. One side accepts standard T bolts and 1/4" hex, the other side accepts T bolts, 5/16" clamps Learn More

Universal Base

Centrepiece of the Magswitch work-holding system. All Magswitch attachments are designed to fit the Universal Base. Low profile design. Requires 2 MagJigs to secure to a steel or cast iron surface. Learn More

Universal Featherboa

Versatile featherboard for use on any table or fence with no mitre slot limitation. Features 2 on/off Magswitches, each with 44kg (95lb) of holding force. Use for left or right feed, or as in/out Learn More


8 Item(s)