Mitre Saws


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Precision Mitre Saw

550mm mitre saw featuring a 400mm solid pressure, cast saw table with 9 pre-set mitres, clamp and adjustable length stop. GS approved. Includes saw blade with hardpoint teeth. Learn More

Expert Mitre Box

Size 300 x 90mm Mitre box with 90°, 45° and 22.5° cutting angles. Learn More

Compound Mitre Saw

Size 600mm 14tpi Saw 600mm 14tpi BladeDeep-cutting saw with 400mm solid cast table, 9 pre-set mitres and work clamp. Maximum cut height at 90°: 190mm; at 45°: 120mm. Max cut width 110mm. Learn More

Mitre Box & Saw

Size 300 x 90mmLightweight, high-impact ABS plastic mitre box with 90°, 45° and 22.5° cutting angles, plus 45° side angle. Fixing holes for fastening box to work bench. Maximum Learn More

Mitre Box

Size 190 x 25mm 250 x 90mm 290 x 50mm 300 x 100mm General purpose wood mitre box. For accurate cutting of mitres and butt joints. For picture rails, dado rails, small mouldings and all medium works. Learn More

MDF-Based Mitre Box

Size 365 x 110mm 325 x 180mm General purpose mitre box with 45°, 60° and 90° cutting angles. Suitable for cutting most sizes of coving and skirting boards. Learn More


6 Item(s)